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By Anthony Bergen
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Asker bbkld Asks:
I know you're not a baseball fan but any comment about the RiverCats switching from working-man-heroes Oakland A's to stick-up-their-ass SF Giants?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

It doesn’t matter one bit to me. I’m just ready for Major League Soccer to officially announce that they are giving an expansion team to Sacramento..


Had a fun evening event at the Fort tonight (at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park)

Fun fact about me: I’ve slept four nights inside of Sutter’s Fort. And probably one or two nights outside of Sutter’s Fort after a night of drinking.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hiiiiiiii! i'm from sac too. i follow you for the presidents stuff and because your the only tumblr celeb from sac. would you consider doing a meetup
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:


I am very confused abut how I am a “Tumblr celebrity”. I’m unclear as to how one becomes a “Tumblr celebrity”; I’m not sure what it means exactly; I’m hoping that it doesn’t require any particular responsibilities; and, again, I don’t have any idea what makes one a “Tumblr celebrity”. Can I get paid for it — some sort of stipend or per diem? — because, if so, you can count me in.

Would I consider doing a Meet-up in Sacramento? Sure, I would consider it, but I doubt that I have enough followers from Northern California to justify one. I’m flattered that anyone would be interested in that, but I believe that my importance and/or popularity is being dramatically overstated. I just can’t see my readers populating any sort of Dead Presidents Meet-up, and it would be pretty embarrassing to announce one and then sit there all night mindlessly blowing a kazoo like a kid who didn’t have anyone show up for their birthday party.

I can just picture myself sitting alone in a bar or restaurant (is that where Meet-ups are held?) for hours and telling the server, “Oh, I’m sure they got stuck in traffic. I know they’ll be here soon,” while the other employees got increasingly uncomfortable and whispered amongst themselves about how much they pitied me. Eventually, they’d offer me a free dessert in an attempt to cheer me up so that I didn’t feel like one of those basketball players who is waiting in the crowd to hear their name called at the NBA Draft but doesn’t end up being drafted until way later than expected and has to sit there humiliated while the TV commentators say things like, “You hate to see this happen.”

See? I told you that I considered it. If there really is interest from my audience of readers in this area in having a Meet-up, hopefully someone will just put it together and then invite me once it’s all set. I’d totally go and probably have a lot of fun, but throwing a party for yourself is odd, especially if nobody shows up. 

Who wants to help me free some lions and clowns?

After four long years, I finally made my triumphant return to one of my favorite bookstores in the world — The Book Worm in Sacramento. FYI: this is basically what my personal library looks like (the history room at The Book Worm) except they have more bookshelves while I have more piles.

Asker atinyripple Asks:
Are you excited about the new downtown arena being built?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Absolutely. I’m excited about the prospect of a new arena being built in the heart of downtown Sacramento because I’m positive it will revitalize a part of the city that badly needs it and that could truly be a fantastic area. Downtown Sacramento is so pedestrian-friendly and capable of being a great destination for visitors and tourists that I think the new Kings arena is undoubtedly going to be an economic boost and the type of project that takes Sacramento to another level — a place that it should be considering the size of the city. That’s something that a lot of people tend to be surprised by when they visit Sacramento — they don’t recognize how big of a city it actually is, and a vibrant entertainment district downtown that gives those restaurants and bars and clubs and other businesses a reason to be open past the early evening when the government employees head home will raise Sacramento’s profile.

Plus, the renderings of the new arena look really cool, and keeping the Kings in Sacramento helped save the soul of the city. Kevin Johnson will never have to pay for a drink in Sacramento for as long as he lives for the part he played in saving the Kings. KJ was a star in the NBA for the Phoenix Suns and never played for the Kings, but for what Mayor Johnson did for the city, the Kings should retire his jersey number as a tribute anyway.  

So, yes, I’m definitely excited, and I’m happy that I’m back home in Sacramento to see the construction of the new arena and the evolution of my city.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You commented on the NBA earlier and I know you're from sacramento so what do you think about kevin johnson's role?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Kevin Johnson is a superstar.  The work that KJ — former NBA star, Sacramento native, and current Mayor of Sacramento — did over the past few years to help save the Sacramento Kings, get the new Sacramento arena project on track, and rebuild the city’s trust and hope in the Kings after the Maloof family nearly ruined professional basketball in Sacramento made him a hero in my hometown.  Now, with the Donald Sterling situation, Mayor Johnson took a leadership role in consultation with Chris Paul and the NBA Player’s Association and has been an eloquent voice on behalf of the players over the past few days.

KJ is a political star, but he’s in a tough spot.  Currently, Jerry Brown is running for re-election as Governor of California (and is a shoo-in for re-election).  Governor Brown will seemingly serve until 2019.  Mayor Johnson would normally be a rising political star possibly in line for a shot at Governor, but he’s got a couple other young, rising (or already-risen) political stars amongst California Democrats — Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris, either of whom will likely want a shot at the Governor’s office, eventually.  If either Senator Boxer or Senator Feinstein finally decide to step down, there’s a possibility that a Senate seat might be a good fit for Kevin Johnson.  I think Kamala Harris has a better shot and brighter prospects nationally, but Kevin Johnson can’t be counted out.  Who knows?  Maybe he’ll happily remain in his hometown of Sacramento, but I think he has bigger ambitions…

So, after four long years, I’m thinking about going…home.

Hey Sacramento: Four people killed and 14 other wounded in 11 separate shootings last weekend?! What’s going on back home? Stay safe this weekend.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hope you don't mind a personal question but I was curious about when and where you were born
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I don’t mind personal questions at all.  If it’s something I don’t want to answer, I won’t, but I really don’t have much of a problem with most of the personal questions that I am asked.  

I was born at 1:23 PM on January 20, 1980 at Sutter Memorial Hospital in downtown Sacramento, California.  Oddly enough for what I would eventually do with my life, my birthday is Presidential Inauguration Day.  While there wasn’t an inauguration on the day I was born in 1980 (Jimmy Carter was entering the final year of his Presidency; Ronald Reagan was inaugurated on my 1st birthday), I was born on the same day as Super Bowl XIV between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Rams.  

There’s no need to calculate which Super Bowl that was and which Super Bowl just took place.  It makes me sound old.  

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Odd question-Are you the same Anthony Bergen who was on the Kid Chris show in California and Philly? If not you can ignore this question, lol!!
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Goddamn, have you been stalking me since 2002?  Yes, I was part of the KiddChris Show in Sacramento and then long-distance when he was on in San Antonio and Philadelphia (although I did make two live appearances in Philly because my fans demanded it).  However, I was the voice of reason and never did anything inappropriate or that would be considered “shock-jock” material, no matter what doctored audio that might exist out there that suggests otherwise.  

Now Chris and the crew are spreading their filth in Cincinnati, but I refuse to appear on the new version of the show because Cincinnati’s not a large enough media market for someone of my celebrity stature.

Asker calispeaks Asks:
All presidential politics aside. What's your thoughts on the Sacramento Kings, new owners and plan for new arena? Oh and when are you coming out here for a game? Lol.
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

What’s up, little brother?!  Our birthdays are coming up.  (Calispeaks is my “little brother” because we were born one day apart in the same year — 1992, ahem.)

I’m getting my news from a distance, but from everything I hear, Vivek Ranadive, the new owner of the Kings, has been incredible.  I love the dude’s creativity and enthusiasm.  And I was pleasantly surprised to read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, David and Goliath, which spends the first chapter focusing on how Vivek found what works to his advantage to find success (not with the Kings, FYI) against the odds.  I’m very thankful for Vivek Ranadive, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, and NBA Commissioner David Stern — they not only saved the Kings, but they saved the city of Sacramento.

From what I’ve heard of the arena plan, I’m excited.  I really hope it revitalizes downtown, which has so much potential and has been such a disappointment for so long.  I’m getting local, but it’s surprising that the sites that have always been rumored for a new arena — the railyards and Cal Expo — were passed over for Downtown Plaza.  But it makes a lot of sense because it could turn K Street into something really special and Old Sacramento could be reborn.  (By the way, I always thought the former McClellan Air Force Base was the perfect spot for an arena.  Cleanup of the site would be tough, but it would be the best place in the city when it comes to traffic on gameday from every direction.)

I don’t know when I’m coming back!  I need to visit.  I miss everybody and I miss my city.  I miss walking around Capitol Park, grabbing some food at the Esquire Grill, or sitting in the lobby of the Sheraton Grand and drinking like a gentleman.  Honestly, I’d love to see another game in ARCO Arena (I’m not calling it by its new name) before it closes.  I’ll miss that place, especially since we (me and you) had the run of it so many times when the Monarchs were playing!  Are there plans to bring the Monarchs back?  Little known fact: everyone’s favorite Tumblr Presidential historian (that’s me, I hope) was a huge fan of the WNBA when the Sacramento Monarchs were in the league and rarely missed a game.

I miss you, Cali!  The state and my friend.  We’ll catch up on the phone sometime soon.

YES!  Of course!  Supreme Pro Wrestling — third Sunday of every month — where I am 1-0 in my professional wrestling career after defeating Sir Samurai and his evil Honor Society in 2006.