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The present-day office of the Governor of California. Governor Jerry Brown was clearly at work in his office today judging by the California Highway Patrolman standing guard outside this door who wasn’t terribly thrilled by my attempt at taking a photo.

Fun fact about the Governor of California’s office: It’s located on the ground floor and takes up several suites in the southeast corner of the State Capitol. If you’re walking through Capitol Park and know which window to look for, you can often easily see the Governor sitting at his desk and working. Governor Schwarzenegger was instantly recognizable, but not in his office as frequently as Governor Brown.

The more intimate private office of California Governor George Pardee (1903-1907).

This is what the office would have looked like on April 18, 1906 if you were tasked with informing California Governor George Pardee that a devastating earthquake had just struck San Francisco

California State Senate Chamber

I was roaming around the State Capitol earlier today for the first time since I moved back to Sacramento. I’d like to run for Governor of California just so I can sit out on this balcony all day and read.

I thought that was Frost, but I wasn’t positive and I didn’t want to misrepresent or exaggerate my success. Although, technically, I’m undefeated against everybody, Sir Samurai.

Now, you may have had hundreds of matches and held numerous professional wrestling championships, my friend, and I’m not suggesting that I deserve to be a part of any sort of professional wrestling hall of fame, but I am demanding it. My professional wrestling career is basically comparable to the Undertaker’s winning streak at WrestleMania except for the fact that I’ve never actually lost a match — so, really, it’s the exact opposite.

(But I’m certainly not the type to brag.)


Tonight I went and saw Social Distortion and was lucky enough to hook up with my friends who were also there.

I had a legendary feud in Supreme Pro Wrestling with two of the people in this photograph. In a somewhat- totally-related note, I’m also undefeated in my professional wrestling career. Take that, @sirsamurai and Timothy Thatcher!

Asker bbkld Asks:
I know you're not a baseball fan but any comment about the RiverCats switching from working-man-heroes Oakland A's to stick-up-their-ass SF Giants?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

It doesn’t matter one bit to me. I’m just ready for Major League Soccer to officially announce that they are giving an expansion team to Sacramento..


Had a fun evening event at the Fort tonight (at Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park)

Fun fact about me: I’ve slept four nights inside of Sutter’s Fort. And probably one or two nights outside of Sutter’s Fort after a night of drinking.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
hiiiiiiii! i'm from sac too. i follow you for the presidents stuff and because your the only tumblr celeb from sac. would you consider doing a meetup
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:


I am very confused abut how I am a “Tumblr celebrity”. I’m unclear as to how one becomes a “Tumblr celebrity”; I’m not sure what it means exactly; I’m hoping that it doesn’t require any particular responsibilities; and, again, I don’t have any idea what makes one a “Tumblr celebrity”. Can I get paid for it — some sort of stipend or per diem? — because, if so, you can count me in.

Would I consider doing a Meet-up in Sacramento? Sure, I would consider it, but I doubt that I have enough followers from Northern California to justify one. I’m flattered that anyone would be interested in that, but I believe that my importance and/or popularity is being dramatically overstated. I just can’t see my readers populating any sort of Dead Presidents Meet-up, and it would be pretty embarrassing to announce one and then sit there all night mindlessly blowing a kazoo like a kid who didn’t have anyone show up for their birthday party.

I can just picture myself sitting alone in a bar or restaurant (is that where Meet-ups are held?) for hours and telling the server, “Oh, I’m sure they got stuck in traffic. I know they’ll be here soon,” while the other employees got increasingly uncomfortable and whispered amongst themselves about how much they pitied me. Eventually, they’d offer me a free dessert in an attempt to cheer me up so that I didn’t feel like one of those basketball players who is waiting in the crowd to hear their name called at the NBA Draft but doesn’t end up being drafted until way later than expected and has to sit there humiliated while the TV commentators say things like, “You hate to see this happen.”

See? I told you that I considered it. If there really is interest from my audience of readers in this area in having a Meet-up, hopefully someone will just put it together and then invite me once it’s all set. I’d totally go and probably have a lot of fun, but throwing a party for yourself is odd, especially if nobody shows up. 

Who wants to help me free some lions and clowns?