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By Anthony Bergen
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Could Mitt Romney have picked a better running mate that would have yielded a win in the general election?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

No.  I said that Romney should choose Paul Ryan as his running mate long before he actually picked him and I still think Paul Ryan was the very best Vice President that Romney could have chosen. 

If I was running Romney’s campaign and I had 100 chances to make changes that I thought would result in a win, I would have picked Paul Ryan as his running mate all 100 times.  Win-or-lose, Ryan was a solid choice for VP.  The Republicans should second-guess a lot of things, but that’s not one of them.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Since Kid Rock is Romney/Ryan's most notable celebrity supporter shouldn't they use Bawitdaba as their official campaign song? I really just want to hear that song start playing at a crowded convention and Romney and Ryan come out headbanging to it to the shock and awe of an entire nation.
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

If they were to use Kid Rock and wanted some real “shock and awe”, they should go old-school and use "Balls In Your Mouth" from the Polyfuze Method.  It would be the greatest thing to ever happen to America.

Here is what I wrote about Paul Ryan on April 4th:

Politically, I don’t agree with much of anything that Paul Ryan believes in, but I respect the hell out of Paul Ryan and I’ll explain why.

The current incarnation of American politics is all about talking about and tearing down the ideas of others.  Almost every major American politician is best-known for being against something.  I don’t believe the same things that Paul Ryan believes, but at least Paul Ryan steps up and puts forth a plan.  Paul Ryan doesn’t simply hang back and snipe at his Democratic opponents or take shots at everything he is against in President Obama’s budget.  Ryan puts forward his own budget and, good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, he puts his name on it and tries to sell it and he goes down with the ship when it’s sunk by the Senate.

I wouldn’t vote for the man because I don’t share his ideology and I wouldn’t vote for his budget because I don’t agree with much of it, but at least Paul Ryan is a doer instead of just a talker.  Sadly, it takes a certain amount of political courage to stand up today and put your own plan forward, so no matter what side of the aisle he stands on, at least Paul Ryan stands for something

It’s easy to be against someone or someone else’s ideas; we should have more respect for the rare politician who is actually an advocate for his own ideas or policies.  I respect Paul Ryan.  He’s a too Conservative for my tastes, politically, but I wish we had more politicians on both sides who worked the same way he does, and I think he’d be a perfect running mate for Mitt Romney. 

I still pretty much feel the same way.  When I read Robert Draper’s recent book, Do Not Ask What Good We Do (BOOKKINDLE) about the House of Representatives during this historically awful 112th Congress (9% approval rating!), I was disgusted by most (not all, but most) members of the House of Representatives.  On both sides of the aisle.  They turned a deliberative body into a an obstructionist, reactionary, horrible institution where nothing gets down for the American people because the House members no longer understand the definition of or actual work of politics.  Nobody ever has ideas because they are too busy tearing down someone else or running for re-election.  No one ever takes a stand, like I said above.  Paul Ryan at least brings something to the table, no matter how much I might disagree with him.  I’d rather have 50 Paul Ryans in Congress than one Sheila Jackson-Lee, a Democrat from Texas who wastes the time of everybody who sets foot in the House Chamber every morning, or Raul Labrador, a freshman Republican Congressman from Idaho who had the nerve to tell Speaker John Boehner — the leader of his own party — that “I didn’t come to Washington to be a part of a team.”  (Hey, Congressman Labrador, I hope this pops up on the Google Alert for your name: “Fuck off”).  At least Ryan leads and actually works — at least he is someone who steps forward and offers a solution (even if it is the wrong one).