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did you read Robert Gates book yet
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I didn’t get a chance to start reading Secretary Gates’s new book “Duty” until last night, so I’m only about 250 pages deep, but I think it is a remarkable book. I’ll write a full review once I’m finished, but you don’t often get such an honest, candid, no-holds-barred account from an insider like Gates, and the fact that he served as Defense Secretary under TWO Presidents of DIFFERENT parties is just incredible.

The man doesn’t hold back, he knows his work, he was deep in the councils of two very different Presidencies, and there simply aren’t many insider accounts like this. Plus, Gates is a smart dude, a highly-respected public servant, and, at times, pretty goddamn funny. If you have the slightest interest in the last two Presidential Administrations, you should go get this book two weeks ago. Like I said, full review still to come.

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What did you think of Robert Gates?
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I think Robert Gates is probably the best Secretary of Defense (or Secretary of War) since Henry L. Stimson and probably in the Top 5 in all of American history (a lot of Americans would probably be surprised to realize that many historians, including myself consider Jefferson Davis to be #1).  Gates was loyal, dependable, incredibly smart, eminently qualified, and had the respect and confidence of not only the military, but two Presidents from different parties who had almost nothing in common other than Robert Gates as their Secretary of Defense.  For President Bush and President Obama, Secretary Gates was the ideal Cabinet member — supportive, yet unafraid to voice objections or an opposing viewpoint, and completely capable of managing his department and getting the most out of his people.  I have nothing but respect for Robert Gates.

CLINTON:  Oh my God!  I can’t believe it!
GATES:  I know — I can’t believe Chris Jericho was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars.
DALEY:  Wendy Williams…that’s a dude, right?
CLINTON:  I think so.
BIDEN:  I think Bill would still probably hit it.
OBAMA:  Guys…let’s get focused.  General Webb, would you please change the channel so we can watch this go down.
GENERAL WEBB:  I’m trying.  Mr. President.  I’m not really a PC guy, though.
GATES:  I’ve spent my entire term trying to get the government to switch to Macs.
BIDEN:  They really do look much cooler.
OBAMA:  Again, we’re losing focus.
CLINTON:  The President is right.
OBAMA:  Of course I am right.  That’s why I’m here instead of one of those losers that I ran against in 2008.
CLINTON:  Excuse me?  Are you really going to do this right now?  I am so tired of you rubbing it in.  There’s no need for a victory lap.
OBAMA:  You see the seal on that white paper cup on the table?  It’s mine, not yours.
CLINTON:  You’re such a dick sometimes.
OBAMA:  And you’re not a President all the time.
GENERAL WEBB:  Okay, I’m getting a video feed.
BIDEN:  This is going to be great!
GATES:  I don’t think this is necessary.  We got bin Laden.  Why are we doing this again?
OBAMA:  I want to see the look on his face.  I NEED to see the look on his face.
GATES:  That’s kind of sick, isn’t it?  I mean, you did it.  I’m happy you did it.  But this…this is just too much.
BIDEN:  I don’t know, Gates.  I kind of want to see this, too.
CLINTON:  I agree.
OBAMA:  Of course you agree, Hillary.  You serve at the pleasure of the President — it’s in your best interest to agree.
BIDEN:  Hahahaha…hey Barack, you’ll be the first President she pleased!  No need for you to find an intern!
DALEY:  Oooooh…burn.
CLINTON:  Fuck this.  I’m out of here.  You guys are children.
OBAMA:  Children who were victorious in a national election unlike some Secretaries of State that I know.
GENERAL WEBB:  There you go — we have video.  Do you see him?
OBAMA:  Yep, there he is.
GATES:  I don’t know if I want to watch this.  It’s going to be gruesome.
OBAMA:  How is this going to work?
GENERAL WEBB:  We’re going to keep the camera trained on his face.  Whenever you are ready, we’ll place the call.
OBAMA:  Okay….GO.
GENERAL WEBB:  The phone is ringing.  Keep watching him.  Alright, it’s all yours, Mr. President.
OBAMA:  “Hello?  Hey, George…it’s Barack.  I just wanted to call you and let you know that American forces under my command just killed Osama bin Laden.  We got him….yeah…….yes, we did…………yes, I know how badly you wanted it to happen during your Presidency…..oh no, don’t cry, it’s a good day for America….yes, I’m sure that they are tears of joy….if only we were face-to-face so we could share this moment together….yes, President Bush, godspeed……I know……yes……I agree about Chris Jericho, too…..okay, well, we’ll talk soon….goodbye.
BIDEN:  That was awesome!  Did you see the look on his face?
DALEY:  It was priceless.  It looked like someone told him that gay people were giving abortions to illegal immigrants while they were doing stem cell research!
BIDEN:  He looked like he did when he was reading “My Pet Goat”.
OBAMA:  That was cruel.  He was crying.  I was having such a hard time trying not to laugh.
BIDEN:  Tears of joy?  I’m sure.  I’m so glad we got to see video of that.
GATES:  I’ve never seen something so mean.
GENERAL WEBB:  We still have a video feed for a few more minutes.
BIDEN:  Let’s see if he starts drinking.
OBAMA:  Should we just have someone else call and say, “Hey, congratulations on killing bin Laden!” and then say, “Oh, I’m sorry, I think I called the wrong President.”?
BIDEN:  We should get Hillary back in here.
OBAMA:  Yes, tell her the President needs some coffee.