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By Anthony Bergen
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My buddy Keith (nice neckerchief, Fido) is getting back into the routine of having a Tumblr and, if you are looking for interesting people to follow, you should click that little button on Keith’s page.  When we first joined Tumblr back in 2007 with our personal pages (I started Dead Presidents at the beginning of 2008), we had a nice following despite the fact that we wrote nothing but garbage.  Now that we’ve grown up gotten older, we still have terrible, mean-spirited senses of humor, but we’ve accepted the fact that our offensive comments aren’t good advertising for a couple of guys who are writing serious book projects and making films.

On Keith’s new Tumblr, he is publishing snippets and flashes of his writing alongside photos and experiences about raising his adorable daughter, Jocelyn, who is so awesome that she can’t possibly be related to him.  His writing is opposite in almost every way to my writing — the first thing you’ll notice is that he doesn’t suffer from my inability to write something that is less than 8,000-words-long — but I’ve always said that Keith Davis is the best writer that I’ve ever known.  When I first met him nearly 20 years ago (TWENTY YEARS AGO, fuck), we sat at the table in my grandparents’ kitchen and wrote diss raps about everybody who lived in Franklin County, Missouri, and we’ve been writing ever since.  His affinity for University of Michigan sports is questionable, especially since he is secretly a fan of Sacramento State basketball, but, seriously, Keith is the most talented writer I know, and he’s funny as hell, too.  As a human being, he’s an absolute piece of garbage, but so was Hemingway.  I highly recommend that you follow him.

(P.S.:  Yes, I once posted Keith’s phone number on Tumblr and suggested that people send photos of animal dicks to him.  My bad, I thought he was lonely.  I also once posted a Craigslist ad as “Keith” in the “Men Seeking Men” section when he was stuck in a hotel by himself for that night.  Of course, I included his phone number, and said that he hoped for some sexy texts from other lonely gentlemen and noted that he was wanting to have a “mouth party”.  I’m not even really sure what a “mouth party” is, but it sounded like something that Keith would be itching to host.)