Dead Presidents

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By Anthony Bergen

George Washington.  Benjamin Franklin.  John Adams.  Thomas Jefferson.  Alexander Hamilton.  John Hay.  John Hancock.  James Madison.  Thomas Paine.  Warren Gamaliel Harding…wait…Warren Harding

What does Warren Harding have in common with the Founding Fathers?  Nothing much, but the term “Founding Fathers”, which seems as if it has been handed down from generation to generation, was popularized by Harding after he coined the nickname for the heroes of the American Revolution at the 1916 Republican National Convention. 

Harding — one of the worst Presidents in history and the head of the most corrupt Administration in history — was a Republican Senator from Ohio at the time and frequently used the “Founding Fathers” term in speeches, including his Inaugural Address in 1921.  The name perfectly described the leaders of the Revolution and Signers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, but the fact that Harding conceived the popular moniker was lost in history.

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