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By Anthony Bergen
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are there any podcasts you listen to regularly?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Yes, there are.  I don’t listen to every episode every time they come out, but there are a few podcasts that I’ll load up on and then binge listen to when I’m in the mood.

WTF with Marc Maron — I would say that Maron’s podcast is my favorite.  I still have a 30+ minute interview with Maron that I did in his hotel room as SXSW in 2011 that’s never seen the light of day that I should post sometime.

Nerdist with Chris Hardwick and those other guys — I listen to the Nerdist podcasts when they have a guest that I like or find interesting.

The Steve Austin Show — Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast!  Austin is hilarious and his podcast is pretty damn fun.

StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson — I just started listening to this one.  Lots of commercial breaks that interrupt the flow, but NdT is the best.

Improv4Humans with Matt Besser — This is another one that I just started listening to.  I didn’t think I’d like it, but it is hilarious and Besser has some great guests joining him.  Anytime Andy Daly is on here it is a must-listen.  That goes for Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang Bang podcast, too.  Andy Daly should be a huge star.

There are a few other podcasts that I check out from time-to-time depending on the guests or how much time I have: Penn Jillette’s Penn’s Sunday School, Jay Mohr’s Mohr Stories, Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing from WYNC Radio, Lewis Lapham’s podcast for Bloomberg News (I don’t remember the name), and, if I have 6-8 hours to spare, The Joe Rogan Experience (Don’t get me wrong, I love Rogan and he’s always interesting, but the dude can TALK).

The funny thing is that I don’t listen to any history podcasts.  I’ve actually never listened to one.  I don’t even know if there are any good ones.  If I had a bigger audience, I’d probably do one myself.

  1. jleeincognito said: No adam carolla & dr drew?
  2. sdpfeiffy said: I listen to Backstory (with the American History Guys) and Stuff You Missed in History Class. I’d love to have a purely (or mostly) Presidential podcast!
  3. jdhtwo said: I’d listen.
  4. neutralangel said: Andy Daly is fucking great. And his brother Jon on Comedy Bang Bang as Bill Cosby Bukowski almost made me piss myself. “Cockroach! Shake your shit around! Tongue-kiss my son, Theo!”
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