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By Anthony Bergen

I am a loyal, lifelong Democrat and I think that Harry Reid is the absolute worst Senate Majority Leader in the history of the United States.  He has a Democratic majority in the Senate and a Democrat in the White House, yet his “leadership” has been so ineffective and inefficient that Obama might as well have a Republican-controlled Senate.  I think Senator Reid is a petty, petulant man who can barely control his own caucus let alone set the agenda for the Senate, help his own President realize the goals of the Administration, and that he is a complete push-over who is easily steamrolled by anybody who opposes him.  Because of the traditional civility and decorum of the Senate nobody will say it, but I don’t think anybody respects him and I have no idea why he is still the Majority Leader.  Instead of using the Senate’s arcane rules and parliamentary tricks to get things done and actually accomplish things for the nation, he uses them to delay, divide, and obstruct.

The past few Congresses have been among the worst in American history and have received the highest disapproval ratings since polling began.  That’s one thing that Harry Reid can take credit for.  In my opinion, Senator Reid is one of the worst things about the Democratic Party and the only thing on Capitol Hill more terrible than Harry Reid is the House of Representatives.  And Ted Cruz.

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    I have a lot of inexplicable — well, not so inexplicable, when I think about it — hostility towards Senator Reid, whom I...
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