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By Anthony Bergen

As I mentioned in the last post about What It Takes: The Way To The White House (BOOKKINDLE), Richard Ben Cramer spent so much time getting to know and understand the six 1988 Presidential contenders that he focused on in his masterpiece of political journalism that parts of the book come across as six distinct biographies weaved together with the overall drama of the 1988 campaign and the complexities of Presidential politics leading to Election Day.

Before Richard Ben Cramer died in January 2013, he had been working on piecing together some of that biographical information from What It Takes into an actual biography of the man who eventually won that 1988 election — George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st President of the United States.

In Being Poppy: A Portrait of George Herbert Walker Bush (BOOKKINDLE), Cramer has repurposed many of the fascinating stories about Bush 41’s life that Cramer learned not only through research, but by traveling with Bush, the Bush Family, and Bush’s loyal staff during the 1988 campaign that elevated the former World War II combat pilot from the Vice Presidency to the White House.  Being Poppy, drawn from the pages of What It Takes and the result of Richard Ben Cramer’s unique access to George H.W. Bush, is perhaps the most personal book ever written about the patriarch of America’s foremost modern political family.

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