Dead Presidents

Historical facts, thoughts, ramblings and collections on the Presidency and about the Presidents of the United States.

By Anthony Bergen

Three of the last four Presidents are left-handed.  Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush are all left-handed while George W. Bush is the only President in the past 20+ years who signed documents with his right hand.

If we go back a little further in recent history, that number would be higher and include Gerald Ford, and might need to include Ronald Reagan.  Reagan is pictured signing bills and throwing first pitches with his right hand, but was reportedly left-hand dominant until being forced to convert to the right hand as a youngster in school.  Knowing Reagan’s political beliefs, it’s not surprising that he would make a switch to the right and stay away from the left.

The number of left-handed Presidents over the past 35 years is unusually high, but this fact is even stranger:  in the 1992 (Bill Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush vs. Ross Perot), 1996 (Clinton vs. Bob Dole), and 2008 (Barack Obama vs. John McCain) Presidential elections, every major party Presidential nominee was left-handed.