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By Anthony Bergen
Asker cthewell Asks:
when/where can I buy a real life copy of your book, one made from the fibers of dead trees?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Unfortunately, my book, Tributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other is only available in e-book format for the Kindle via Amazon or the NOOK via Barnes & Noble.

Believe me, I would love to have the book available in a print version, especially since I am old-school, don’t have an e-reader (or have interest in getting one) myself, and, quite frankly, don’t really feel like a “real” author until I see one of my books in print.  Friends tell me that I shouldn’t feel that way considering the fact that I did actually write Tributes and Trash Talk and that people actually bought it (and continue to buy it!).  But I’ll feel even more accomplished when I see one of my books in print.

There are actually quite a few questions in my inbox asking why I went the e-book format, so I’ll just use this opportunity to explain.  First of all, it was easy.  I wanted to get my book out and going the e-book route was the quickest and simplest way to do so.  Secondly, it worked because so many people have e-readers now or have the ability to get the free Kindle app for their iPad or iPhone and use that to read the book, so it’s very accessible.  Plus, having an online platform like this Tumblr site was conducive for promoting Tributes and Trash Talk and directing people online to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to instantly get the book.  And, really, the royalties for selling my book through for Kindle and NOOK are far more lucrative than if I had gone another route.  I mean, I hate to sound like it’s all about money, but this is what I do, you know?  I’m at the point now where my writing is how I make a living.  So, financially, it was a fantastic deal and it’s continued much more steadily than I expected since the book was released.

I absolutely have a goal of publishing a book in good, old-fashioned print, however, and hopefully sooner rather than later.  I want to be able to see it on my shelf or be able to sign copies and send them to my friends.  Plus, it would look awesome if I had the same badass-type of cover art that I was lucky enough to have the lovely, talented, and wonderful Betsy create for me with the Tributes and Trash Talk cover.

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