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By Anthony Bergen
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I believe somebody did a poll once and most people voted Reagan as their choice for Rushmore. Thoughts on that?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I’m not surprised because Reagan is very popular with many Americans, but as I said, if there were any more additions to Mount Rushmore (and I don’t think there should be, mainly because it would be a giant national argument), the two best additions would be FDR and Eisenhower.  One Democrat and one Republican.  Eisenhower is much more deserving than Reagan — not just because Ike was a solid President, but also because of his leadership during World War II.  I don’t think that Jefferson is on Mount Rushmore because he was necessarily a great President.  He wasn’t.  I think he’s on the mountain because of his life as a whole.  Eisenhower fits the bill even better.

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