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By Anthony Bergen
Asker Anonymous Asks:
If Hilary runs and wins in 2016, what would Bill Clinton's duties be as first dude? How would he fill the role? I mean, it'd be a very weird position to reshape this historical role that's been the domain of one gender to the exclusion of the other, don't you think?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I think he would actually have a much lower-profile than First Ladies usually do because of the fact that he was President himself and it would be tough politically for Hillary to be President in her own right if he was overshadowing her.  And because he’s Bill Clinton, he would overshadow her without even trying just by being too visible.  For the sake of her Administration, she would need some breathing room.

I’m sure that there would be some cause that he could focus on.  First Ladies usually have a pet project that they devote a lot of time on.  If Bill Clinton was First Gentleman, it might be good for him to focus on one specific issue that wouldn’t take away from what Hillary, as President, was trying to accomplish.

It would really be an extraordinary situation, though, so it’s difficult to imagine how it would work.  While this almost certainly wouldn’t happen because of the political reasons I mentioned and the need for Hillary to establish herself, I think an ideal situation would be if he were White House Chief of Staff.  As powerful and influential as the Chief of Staff is, it’s also a relatively low-profile role because it is mostly behind-the-scenes.  But it would be a fantastic use of Bill Clinton if Hillary were President.  The danger is the perception that there might be a co-Presidency going on.  Many people wouldn’t like that, but I certainly wouldn’t have a problem if I knew that Hillary Clinton’s top adviser and White House Chief of Staff was the greatest President of my lifetime.

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