Dead Presidents

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By Anthony Bergen

Quick note:  I do my best to answer the questions that I have in my inbox, but it’s important to note that I have well over 330 of them and, whenever I start answering questions, I end up getting more questions because people see that I’m responding.  So, if you have a question for me, you don’t need to ask it four or five times.  I really try to get to as many of them as I can in the time that I have, but the best way to not get your question answered is to fill my inbox with the same one five times.  

In a perfect world, I’d clear that inbox out and answer everything, but this isn’t a perfect world and some of your questions suck.  When I’m popping in-and-out of Tumblr, I usually answer the easy, speed round-type questions, and the questions which ask for deeper analysis just have to wait until when I’m focused on going into further detail.  Some of those questions are great ones, and they will get answered, but you gotta be patient.  Cool?