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By Anthony Bergen
What do you think of the History Channel series, "Ultimate Guide to the Presidents"?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I have not seen it.  Is it any good?  I don’t have any sort cable or Direct TV service and haven’t for about 10 years.  Even then, that was because I lived with someone who couldn’t really live without it.  I have a tiny, old 10 x 10 inch TV that is small enough to just sit on my desk near my iMac and if I watch something, it’s on DVD and on that little TV.  

My TV is so old that, not only does it need one of those digital converters to pick up any stations (I doubt I’ll ever buy one), but I actually had to buy a modulator just so I could hook the A/V cables into the TV in order to use my DVD player.  My apartment isn’t exactly the place-to-be for watching things on TV.  In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve actually never bought a TV in my life.  

Wow…I really want off on a tangent there.  Sorry.  The answer is no, I haven’t seen the show, and I probably could have just said that and posted my answer immediately instead of acting like we were doing a blog version of MTV Cribs.

  1. likeamosaic said: It is actually pretty well done. It covers quite a lot of ground.
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