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By Anthony Bergen
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Have we ever had Presidents who were lifelong cigarette smokers?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Sure, we’ve had many Presidents who smoked cigarettes, cigars, and/or pipes throughout their life.  Quite a few of the more recent Presidents quit before or right after they became President (like Obama).  

With the more recent Presidents, FDR smoked cigarettes until the day he died.  Eisenhower smoked four packs of cigarettes a day until shortly before he ran for President in 1952.  JFK was a pretty heavy cigar smoker.  LBJ smoked three packs of cigarettes a day until suffering a heart attack as Senate Majority Leader in 1955 which almost killed him.  After that, and throughout his time as Vice President and President, Johnson took pretty good care of himself — ate fairly well, drank moderately, and quit smoking.  But when he decided not to seek another term in 1968 and retired to Texas, LBJ grew his hair out, started drinking more, eating less healthy, and began smoking again.  Nixon smoked a pipe once in a while.  Ford smoked over a half-dozen bowls of pipe tobacco daily.  Carter smoked cigars every now and then. Reagan and Bush 41 were non-smokers.  Clinton enjoyed chewing on unlit cigars, particularly while playing golf, and, as the Starr Report infamously revealed, he had extracurricular uses for cigars, as well.  If I remember correctly, George W. Bush enjoyed cigars once in a while.

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