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By Anthony Bergen

I’m almost finished with Season 4 of Breaking Bad after a marathon session of watching it over the past few days beginning with Episode 1 of Season 1 last week.  I’m still loving it.  I don’t understand why I always wait so long to watch things that people tell me I NEED to watch.  I guess peer pressure doesn’t work on me.  Everyone told me that I needed to watch The Wire, but I put it off until January or February of last year.  Everyone told me that I needed to watch Mad Men, and I finally started doing so right around Christmas 2011.  Everyone told me that I needed to watch Deadwood — years ago — and I finally caught it over the summer, only six years after the final episode aired.  It’s not that I don’t trust everyone else’s taste; I’m just a world-class procrastinator.  I’m trying to be better right now by keeping up with Louie and Boardwalk Empire, but I also prefer waiting until the season ends so I can watch all of the season’s episodes at my own pace.

Anyway, Breaking Bad is as good as everyone said it would be, as good as I had expected, and Bryan Cranston is awesome.  As I mentioned earlier, though, Walter White Jr. continues to annoy me.  Someone earlier said that I should just wait until his entitled ass mentioned how he should be able to get a car for his birthday if Walt Sr. had really come upon some money through “gambling winnings”.  Well, I got to that point and it definitely irritated me.  At this point, my hatred for Walt Jr. is almost irrationally intense.  Every time he comes on the screen, I find myself saying “Ugh” out loud.  When Walt Jr. asked about the car at the dinner table, I wish Walt Sr. had said, “Oh, sure, let’s forget about the fact that I’m dying of cancer and your uncle is fucking paralyzed from the waist down and get you a car so you can put your right foot on the gas pedal and your left foot on the brake pedal at the same time you whiny little punk.”  

I don’t know if the character is written to be whiny and to act like an 8-year-old, or if that’s just how the actor comes across.  Either way I’m bothered.

Like I said, my Walt Jr. (or should I call you “Flynn”, you whiny little dork?) hatred is becoming irrational.  I dislike him so much that I will actually sometimes pause the DVD after one of his scenes and rewind it immediately so that I can get even more angry with him.  Anyway, if you’re like me and waited forever to watch Breaking Bad, or decided not to see it because so many people suggested it to you that it got annoying (which is what I did with Mad Men for far too long), just get over it and watch it already.

Oh, one last thing about stupid Walt Jr.  The last couple of episodes I’ve been wondering who it is that Walt Jr. looks like.  There is just a familiar look to him that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, so I was thinking hard about it.  Now, it’s not an exact resemblance, of course, but maybe it’s the eyes or the whiny act, but something about Walt Jr. reminds me of this classic character:


  1. getoffmyblog said: he’s a portrait of innocence, like that heartbreaking scene w/ bloody Walt, who then calls him ‘Jesse,’ but smart to still make him a shitty teen. aware of all the online Skyler hate? i wonder why we love monsters and loathe more sympathetic chars
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