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By Anthony Bergen

So, I finally started watching Breaking Bad last week and am just now starting Season 4.  It is, of course, as good as everyone said it would be and I absolutely love it.  It is awesome in so many ways.  

I do have one question, though.  The show is filled with all of these terribly flawed characters and most of them are pretty unlikable when you get past how entertaining they are.  Does it reflect badly on me that out of all of these morally bankrupt, generally crappy human beings the one I REALLY dislike the most is Walt Jr.?  I mean, the show is filled with murderers and drug dealers and addicts and thieves and adulterers, so does it make me a dick that my least-favorite person is a disabled teenager?  It’s not just me, is it?  The kid is a whiny little pussy, right?  Because I don’t think I’m that much of a sociopath.

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  2. jesuisuneetoile said: He’s whiny because his dad is ruining his family AND he’s going through adolescence with the added shit bonus of having CP but yeah, you’re not alone. His whineyness is annoying at times.
  3. petalsails said: it was entitlement to a car for his 16th bday that made me hate him
  4. hollywoodkote said: I thought I was the only one that thought that.
  5. jheath said: No, that’s a totally valid reaction. Walt Jr. is one of my least favorites too. Nothing to do with his disability because that character could be able bodied and would still be annoying as fuck.
  6. theknife-and-theblade said: Nope, completely justified. Walt Jr. sucks hard.
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