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By Anthony Bergen
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What would be your ideal cabinet spot if you could be in a cabinet?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Well, in many ways the White House Chief of Staff is usually considered a Cabinet-level position because the CoS sits in on Cabinet meetings and often acts as the President’s proxy when the President is unable to appear. ┬áThe difference is that the Chief of Staff, of course, has no official departmental portfolio, isn’t subject to Senate confirmation, and is not in the Presidential line of succession.

If the White House Chief of Staff doesn’t count, then I’d want to be Secretary of State — not because the position has often been a stepping-stone to the Presidency itself but due to the fact that it is such an influential job here and throughout the world. ┬áJust being able to travel to a quarter of the places that Hillary Clinton has visited since January 2009 would be a hell of a feat.

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