Dead Presidents

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By Anthony Bergen

First of all, if over 60 million Americans chose you to be the next President of the United States barely two months ago, don’t you think Commerce Secretary would be a bit of a demotion?  If a President were to make a crazy Santos/Vinick-style bipartisan Cabinet move with his vanquished opponent, it would have to be for one of the big four — State, Defense, Justice, or the Treasury.

And, speaking of those big four Cabinet spots, those are really the only ones that are all that interesting to make guesses about.  Once we get down to the Secretary of Labor or Secretary of Commerce — all of which are very important departments, don’t get me wrong — things can be pretty wide-open and tough to handicap, so I’m not going to fill every spot in the Presidential line of succession.  Hell, that’s what we rehired President Obama to do!

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