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By Anthony Bergen
Tumblr has a character limit on questions? I have been gone too long. But what I am really asking with that previous question is: do you think former congressmen have more successful presidencies than former governors? They could both be effective, I know it depends on the man, but I strongly lean towards congressmen being better presidents. I wish I could get more in depth here haha I hope you're understanding what I'm trying to say.
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Yes, they have a character limit on questions, but you explained it well enough in your first part for me to be able to understand.  You are right, though…it depends on the man.  It also depends on the time.  James Buchanan had one of the best resumes of anyone ever elected President, yet he was the worst President we’ve ever had.  John Quincy Adams was our nation’s greatest diplomat, possibly the best Cabinet member in history, and enjoyed an extraordinary post-Presidential career in the House, but his Presidency was largely a failure.

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