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By Anthony Bergen
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Do you agree with term limits in both the House and Senate?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I don’t like the idea of term limits at all, but if we’re going to have term limits for the Presidency (which, of course, we do), then I think the House and Senate should have term limits, as well.  I don’t like the fact that term limits are imposed on the President if Senators and Representatives can keep getting themselves elected (and basically wage a continuous campaign for their seat). 

I want to see a balance there, but I’d much rather see the 22nd Amendment abrogated so that Presidents can serve more than two terms.  The Founders didn’t place anything in the Constitution about term limits.  While every President for 150 years followed George Washington’s two-term tradition, it was just that — a tradition.  The 22nd Amendment was a knee-jerk reaction 65 years ago due to FDR being elected to four terms and the Democrats having what ended up being a 20-year hold on the White House. 

I think the best argument against term limits is the fact that Bill Clinton is only 66 years old, yet he’s been relegated to the sideline for what will soon be 12 years.  If not for the 22nd Amendment, Clinton could still be President today. and there are not too many people on either side of the aisle who weren’t better off during the Clinton years and wouldn’t feel confident with him at the helm  

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