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By Anthony Bergen
Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know you read a lot and I admire your opinion on history books. Is there a way you could do a ranking of your books that you have alltogether or by subject or person??
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Believe me, I’d love to just sit and talk about my books because I love my library and love showing it off and, well, quite frankly, nobody cares in real-life.  The problem is that I just have too many to rank them without quite a bit of work.  Maybe someday I can narrow it down and do a ranking of my Top 10 LBJ books or my Top 10 Lincoln books, etc.  For now, there’s always the Essential Books pages I have linked on the main page of my Tumblr.  Those books aren’t in any type of order, but I did break them into two different sets of suggested books: Presidents or General History/Other.

To be honest, my books are so disorganized right now that I shouldn’t even think about ranking them until I get them organized.  It’s a cool problem to have, but I just fill space so quickly.  In the middle of October, I bought a new bookshelf and had my books organized pretty well, lined up in a row on each shelf just like they were supposed to be. 

The key word is “were”.  Actually, that’s wrong..they still are lined up as they were are supposed to be, but now there are books stacked on the shelves in front of those nicely stacked books (that shelf on the back wall is the one I got in October):

So, I need another book shelf already.  Maybe even two new ones.  Oh wait…

Make that three or four new bookshelves.

BTW:  If a pretty girl wants to come over and dust my books and tell me how cool I am, I’ll accept resumes.

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