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By Anthony Bergen

When the incredibly talented Betsy Dye designed the cover of my book with those awesome Presidential silhouettes, she also made one of me and, I don’t know about you, but I think I would fit into the roster of Presidents pretty well, no?  In 2016, I will finally be Constitutionally eligible and there’s something almost poetic about the fact that I’ve spent so much of my life studying and writing about the Presidents and Presidency and that my birthday (January 20th in case you’re planning parties and gifts) is actually Inauguration Day, right?  Is “poetic” the right word, or “creepy”? 

Well, either way, I know that I’m not really POTUS material, although I’d love to hear what other Presidents would say about me.  And, yes, this has just been a clumsy way to sneak in a plug for my new book, Tributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other, which is available RIGHT NOW.  Featuring over 350 pages of candid comments by the Presidents about their fellow Chief Executives, Tributes and Trash Talk is full of remarkable quotes about every American President from George Washington to Barack Obama (and even Confederate President Jefferson Davis).

For just $6.99 you can get Tributes and Trash Talk instantly from Amazon for your Kindle, iPhone, or iPad.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download Amazon’s Kindle app for FREE, buy my book, and read it on your smart phone, your tablet, your laptop, or your desktop.  It’s simple, it’s fun, it looks great, and it’s completely worth it.  If you have a NOOK, you can get Tributes and Trash Talk from Barnes & Noble quickly and easily for the same low price!

Did you forget to buy a Christmas gift for the history buff in your family?  Did you not get the book that you had on your wish list?  Do you want to support your old Tumblr buddy Anthony and be able to tell everyone how cool you are by showing off a new book and saying that you know the author?  If so, get your copy of Tributes and Trash Talk right now!

(And, if not, get yourself a copy of Tributes and Trash Talk anyway.)

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