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By Anthony Bergen
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Will Tributes and Trash Talk be available in paperback anytime soon? I've been meaning to get the book, but I'm not a particular fan of buying ebooks.
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I totally understand.  I love having a book in my hand and being able to flip through the pages and seeing it up on my bookshelves (or, in stacks of books on my floor since I fill up my shelves so quickly).  It’s tough to love an e-book.

Unfortunately, there are no plans right now for printed copies of Tributes and Trash Talk.  Believe me, I’d love to have it available in every possible way and I’m working hard to have my next book available in print and in e-book format.  But, this first edition of Tributes and Trash Talk will only be available as an e-book.  My plan is to update the book every year or two, so I hope to see it in print sometime in the future.

If you don’t have an actual Kindle or NOOK device, there is the option of downloading Amazon’s FREE Kindle app for your phone, your tablet, or your laptop/desktop (Mac or PC).  I know it’s not the same as having a book in your hands, but Tributes and Trash Talklooks pretty good when you read it via that free app.  You can even read it through your browser after downloading the Kindle app and buying the book.

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