Dead Presidents

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By Anthony Bergen

I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not tonight, but I wrote a book that you can purchase and begin reading instantlyTributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other is a fascinating collection of remarkable, candid, insightful, and sometimes downright mean-spirited and nasty quotes by the Presidents about the other members of their exclusive fraternity. 

For just $6.99, you’ll find over 350 pages of American Presidents talking about their predecessors and successors, from George Washington to Barack Obama.  You’ll even find quotes by the Presidents about Confederate President Jefferson Davis.  Any fan of Dead Presidents or history will enjoy Tributes and Trash TalkYou can buy my book right now from Amazon for your Kindle, iPhone, or iPad.  It’s Christmas, so purchase Tributes and Trash Talk for the history buff in your family, or buy it for yourself because you deserve it!  Or buy it for Rudolph’s cross-eyed ass and his goofy red nose or for all those ghetto things that nobody wants to play with from the Island of Misfit Toys.  Get Tributes and Trash Talk right now and see how many different Presidents refer to Richard Nixon as a “son of a bitch”!  This book is such a bargain at $6.99 that I’m going to buy a copy for myself even though I wrote it!

Oh, and check out Betsy Dye’s badass cover art for Tributes and Trash Talk — yet another reason to buy the book RIGHT NOW:

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