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By Anthony Bergen

Thank you for the holiday wishes!

If you are looking to get my new book, Tributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other, for the Nook, it should be available via the Barnes & Noble website soon — hopefully, later tonight, actually.  For some reason, Barnes & Noble takes a while longer to process than Amazon.  For Nook owners, I’ll be sure to plug that link approximately 639,000 times when it goes live.

Otherwise, you can get Tributes and Trash Talk immediately from Amazon for your Kindle, iPhone, or iPad.  I know that I have been shamelessly promoting my book, but I’m pretty damn excited about finally getting it out there, especially because of Betsy’s badass cover art.  Plus, I worked hard on it and think that it truly is a bargain — over 350 pages of remarkable quotes by Presidents about Presidents for just $6.99! 

I’m really pushing Tributes and Trash Talk because a solid amount of sales over the next 72 hours will be helpful for two other projects that I have in the pipeline — one of which is a “real”, printed copy of a book with a heavy influence on my original writing (essays on the Presidency that have never been published before).  I know that I’m a little biased since it’s my book, but if I wasn’t the person who wrote Tributes and Trash Talk, I’d be incredibly excited to read it.  Buy it as a Christmas gift for a history buff or a Christmas gift for yourself.  Hell, buy it as a Christmas gift for me!

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