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By Anthony Bergen
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Which President would you most want to have a beer with?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Despite my affinity for Lyndon Johnson, I imagine he would be a little too intense to kick back and have a beer with, so I’d say either George H.W. Bush or Gerald Ford.  In my all-time favorite book about Presidents, Bob Greene’s Fraternity: A Journey In Search of Five Presidents (BOOKKINDLE), Greene wrote about spending time with former Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Bush 41, and noted that Bush was the one who seemed the most fun or relaxing to be around.  Almost everything that I’ve ever read about Bush’s personality confirms what Greene wrote — that he is a decent, laid-back, nice man who is pleasant to be around.  Ford had a similar personality, and always seemed to me to be one of the most likable Presidents we’ve ever had.

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