Dead Presidents

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By Anthony Bergen

I am proud and excited to share with everyone the cover to my new book, TRIBUTES AND TRASH TALK: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other, which will be available this week on Amazon.

I’m also incredibly fortunate to have had the immensely talented and all-around amazing Betsy Dye design the cover, which is beyond anything I could have imagined, let alone created myself.  Betsy’s on Tumblr and currently putting together her graphic design website portfolio.  Artistically, she is a magician.  Betsy also happens to be the personification of the words “lovely” and “awesome”.

More to come this week as we approach the release date of TRIBUTES AND TRASH TALK!

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    I’m sure Anthony kicked ass on this book, and Betsy clearly kicked ass on the cover. Download the book, and check out...
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    anthony makes me blush. get ready to download his badass book!
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