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By Anthony Bergen
Do you know of any time when a presidential or vice-presidential candidate didn't vote in the election they ran in? It seems doubtful, but if anyone knows, you would!
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I’m not sure exactly, but just like candidates in the 18th and 19th centuries considered it unseemly to openly campaign for the Presidency, many also made it a point not to vote for themselves because they saw the Presidency as an office that the nation bestows on you and all of that other stuff that, in most cases, was just fake humility because they were definitely pulling the strings of the campaign behind the curtain.  While some of them would vote for the other candidates on their ticket and skip voting for themselves, I would imagine there were a few who simply didn’t vote at all.  

It’s been said that Zachary Taylor had never voted in his life until he ran for President in 1848, and some say that he didn’t even vote then.  I wish I had more of an exact answer for you, but I’d bet that there were at least a handful who didn’t vote in their own election.

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