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By Anthony Bergen
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Battle of the Extremeists! Barry Goldwater vs. George McGovern! You obviously vote for McGovern, but who wins? (This can take place in either 1968 or today.)
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I think Goldwater would have had a better chance in 1968 than 2012, but I don’t know if I can envision a scenario where Goldwater could ever win 270 electoral votes.  McGovern, I believe, would have an easier time today because what he was in 1972 was really a sneak peek at what the Democratic Party would become in the 1990’s until now.

I will say this about Barry Goldwater — while he certainly scared the crap out of a lot of people in 1964, there were a lot of other factors that played a big role in LBJ’s landslide victory.  When people went to the polls in November 1964, they did so less than a year after JFK’s assassination.  With everything going on in the world, there was a hunger for political stability and LBJ offered that.  Americans didn’t want to have three different Presidents in a span of less than 15 months.  Even Goldwater knew that.  He went into that 1964 campaign knowing that JFK’s assassination had all but guaranteed that Goldwater was fighting a losing battle.

Don’t get me wrong.  LBJ’s effective assumption of the Presidency and his efficiency in working with Congress to get things accomplished from November 22, 1963 until November 3, 1964 also had a lot to do with the landslide.  And Goldwater was too extreme for a lot of Americans.  But the 1964 election would have been far closer had John F. Kennedy been seeking a second term against Barry Goldwater.  Kennedy would have won, but there’s no way he would have won 61% of the popular vote like LBJ did in 1964.

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