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Historical facts, thoughts, ramblings and collections on the Presidency and about the Presidents of the United States.

By Anthony Bergen
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THAT POST YOU JUST POSTED THAT TOLD ME HOW TO SEND A LETTER TO C-BO HAS RENEWED MY FAITH IN HUMANITY. GOD BLESS YOUR UNIQUE CROSSOVER KNOWLEDGE OF SACRAMENTO RAP AND GERALD FORD. (ps: I never write in all caps. those capital letters represent me being legitimately excited.) (pps: I AM a little drunk, though, in all honesty.) (ppps: also comedy. you have really good taste in comedy. When I was looking for solace on the day Patrice Oneal died your blog was like a warm hug no homo)
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

From time-to-time I get feedback that knocks other cool feedback from the Best Feedback Ever pedestal.  Just know that you’ve got pretty solid footing on that pedestal for a while, my friend.

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