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By Anthony Bergen
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I've seen a lot of places that President Kennedy was sickly, but no specifics have been offered. What health ailments did JFK actually face?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

•Addison’s disease
•Terrible back problems that started when he was young, was worsened by injuries in WWII, and required major surgery that nearly killed him
•Malaria (during WWII)
•Complications from the steroids used to treat his back problems
•Chronic colitis
•Seymour Hersh and a couple of other sources have noted that JFK was treated again and again for chlamydia from the 1930’s to the end of his life
•There were dozens of other illnesses from childhood on.  Dr. Zebra has a great website on the health of the Presidents that probably has a more complete list.

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