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By Anthony Bergen
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Due to not being born in the United States, he can't run, but would a certain former governor of California/Action Star/Ex-Kennedy be a good president?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

Honestly, yes, I do.  Governor Schwarzenegger was a moderate and his personality could be an important weapon in bridging some of the differences between the two sides.  Personality is huge for a President.  What he would be great at is those moments where Congress is stiffing the White House and he just appeals to the American people.  Obama is not-so-great at that.  Schwarzenegger would be very good.  He’s actually very likable despite some of his transgressions and indiscretions.

I just finished reading his recently-released autobiography, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story (BOOKKINDLE) and he really is a remarkable person.  I lived in California for most of his time as Governor and I didn’t love or hate the guy, but reading his story and recognizing how smart he really is and how hard he has worked at everything he has done from bodybuilding to politics has given me a lot of respect for Schwarzenegger.  The book is very candid, too.  I liked it way more than I expected.

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