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By Anthony Bergen
Asker Anonymous Asks:
You keep saying Clinton was impeached but he wasn't. He finished his term. That's a rookie mistake.
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

A rookie mistake, huh?  Maybe I should just turn the passwords and log-in information over to you.

Clinton WAS impeached.  Impeachment and removal from office are two different things.  If the House of Representatives passes Articles of Impeachment against the President, the President is impeached and faces a trial in the Senate where the Senate is the jury and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over the proceedings.  If 2/3 of the Senate, acting as the jury, finds the President guilty of the charges brought forth by the House, he is removed from office.  Otherwise, he is acquitted and remains — which is what happened to Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.

Think of it this way and it will help you from making a fool out of your anonymous self next time: an impeachment is something like an indictment and, as with an indictment, the charges are settled with a trial by jury.

Thanks for your help.  A rookie like me can always use support from experienced veterans.

  1. pourthebubbly said: This kid probably was not even born yet when Clinton left office.
  2. catmansmuckers said: i thought he was censured, not impeached… but i trust you!
  3. jrobertxiii said: Idiot anons. What can you do?
  4. portorock said: Any MC that disagree with me just wave your arm, And I’ll break, when I’m through breakin’, I’ll leave you broke, Drop the mic when I’m finished and watch it smoke
  5. fly-casually said: Haha, anon, STFU.
  6. bbkld said: My favorite bumper sticker around town: “IMPEACH CLINTON”. My response: “Okay. Done. What’s next?”
  7. kdyree said: Anthony. Birth my children?
  8. meredithamaple said: This just made me smile so big. Thanks, rookie.
  9. jheath said: Yeah dude, you KEEP saying it (that ONE time). Get your shit straight. We’re paying you a lot of money to do this.
  10. beisbol said: lol the balls on this anon guy
  11. podsolnechnik said: Beautifully said. I wish more “rookies” were as knowledgeable as you are.
  12. jesuisuneetoile said: BOOOOOOOOOOM.
  13. existentialandshit said: I hate how this is usually stressed in any elementary-high school U.S. history class, yet most people still don’t get it. I remember you writing you didn’t even take a high school U.S. history course.