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By Anthony Bergen
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Would OBL be alive if McCain won?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

That would all depend on what type of intelligence he had, what the priorities of a McCain Administration would have been when it came to intensifying the search for bin Laden, and so many other variables.

I can’t imagine any American President not taking some sort of action if he had the same information that President Obama did when he gave the order to go.  The question would be what type of action another President might order into order to get bin Laden.  Would McCain have ordered the ballsy raid by Navy SEALs deep into Pakistan without notifying the Pakistani government to kill or capture bin Laden?  Or would he have taken one of the other options suggested?  An overwhelming airstrike that might have killed bin Laden without giving us conclusive proof of his death?  A risky attempt at firing a relatively unproven small missile from a drone while the person the CIA thought was bin Laden took his daily walk inside the compound (in order to prevent large-scale collateral damage)?  I just don’t know how McCain would have acted, but I don’t doubt that he would have.

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