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By Anthony Bergen

Everyone who responded to my question about whether HBO’s Rome got better than the first episode was right on.  Shit picked up after about two episodes and I’m all in.  Any other historical dramas that I should check out?

  1. narimonk said: You NEED to watch “The Tudors.” It’s an even better historical drama than Rome in my opinion (and that’s saying something.)
  2. picardwouldtotallyrulekirk said: Band of Brothers, Boardwalk Empire
  3. robbercar said: Hell on Wheels, Band of Brothers, Boardwalk Empire - if you enjoyed 300 and want more Roman craziness, Spartacus
  4. atinyripple said: Hatfields & McCoys
  5. portorock said: Deadwood, Hell on Wheels, Boardwalk Empire
  6. lifesgrandparade said: The Sopranos is looking more and more like a perfect time capsule of the 90’s early aughts. Also, The Hour is pretty good.
  7. theknife-and-theblade said: Rome, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Deadwood.
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