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Did any of you watch HBO’s series Rome when it was on?  If so, did it get good?  I bought the DVD and completely checked out of the first episode while I was watching it.  I did the same thing with The Borgias and eventually ended up liking that series a lot.  I’m hoping the same thing will happen with Rome, but it doesn’t have Jeremy Irons to carry the slow episodes (and distract me with his ill-fitting dentures) like The Borgias does.

Anyway, does Rome get better or did I make a bad purchase?

  1. goldinmyheadx answered: it’s not bad, i really enjoyed it
  2. robbercar answered: First two episodes I’d say are a bit of a slog, after that, the show becomes amazing.
  3. getoffmyblog said: Rome is superb. stick with it.
  4. ghost-al-qaeda answered: It does get better. There’s just a lot of set up and stuff in the first episode.
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