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By Anthony Bergen
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Rather than, "when do you think America would be 'ready' for..." etc, I was wondering which qualities you think an atheist candidate would need in order to be a serious contender within the near future (if we accept that America would have a natural distaste for an atheist president)?
deadpresidents deadpresidents Said:

I think it would just require a straightforward, honest explanation from the beginning of the person’s candidacy — something similar to JFK’s famous speech about his Catholic beliefs to the ministers in Houston or Mitt Romney’s speech about his Mormon beliefs — in order to neutralize the issue.  I really don’t think that it would be all that big of an obstacle if it was handled smoothly from the beginning with smart politics, a willingness to answer questions that people have about it, and earnest respect for the beliefs of others because if you don’t respect their beliefs, they have no reason to respect your decision not to believe. 

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