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By Anthony Bergen

19th President of the United States

Full Name: Rutherford Birchard Hayes
Born: October 4, 1822, Delaware, Ohio
Term: March 4, 1877-March 4, 1881
Political Party: Republican
Vice President: William Almon Wheeler
Died: January 17, 1893, Spiegel Grove estate, Fremont, Ohio
Buried: Spiegel Grove estate, Fremont, Ohio

The Presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes was crippled from Inauguration Day.  The 1876 election between Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden was in dispute until two days before the inauguration, with a special commission awarding the Presidency to Hayes.  In truth, Hayes almost certainly didn’t win the election, and from the beginning, he was forced to compromise on major aspects of his platform and policy in order to prevent Democrats from rebelling just a decade after the end of the Civil War.  One of the victims of the weakened Hayes Presidency was Civil Service Reform, which would be a much more serious problem for Hayes’s successor, James Garfield.

1948: Schlesinger Sr./Life Magazine: 13 of 29
1962: Schlesinger Sr./New York Times Magazine:  14 of 31
1982: Neal/Chicago Tribune Magazine:  22 of 38
1990: Siena Institute:  23 of 40
1996: Schlesinger Jr./New York Times Magazine:  23 of 39
2000: C-SPAN Survey of Historians:  26 of 41
2000: C-SPAN Public Opinion Poll:  26 of 41
2005: Wall Street Journal/Presidential Leadership:  24 of 40
2009: C-SPAN Survey of Historians:  33 of 42
2010: Siena Institute: 31 of 43
2011: University of London’s U.S. Presidency Centre:  30 of 40

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