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By Anthony Bergen
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In regards to the question you got about Republicans wanting Obama to fail, wasn't it LBJ who often told opponents 'I'm the only president you've got'?
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And LBJ practiced what he preached.  He actually made use of that phrase constantly when he was Senate Majority Leader and working closely with President Eisenhower on many things. 

One especially vivid quote of LBJ’s on the subject was in 1953 when he answered critics who questioned why he wasn’t attacking Eisenhower: “If you’re in an airplane, and you’re flying somewhere, you don’t run up to the cockpit and attack the pilot.  Mr. Eisenhower is the only President you’ve got.”  In retirement, LBJ slightly amended the statement to fit Nixon saying that Nixon was a son of a bitch, “But he’s the only son of a bitch President we’ve got.”

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