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By Anthony Bergen
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*becomes excited because you and deadpresidents are two of my favorite blogs*
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According to the United Nations Office of Human Rights (via Vox), there have been more people killed in the last three years during the Syrian civil war than the number of Americans killed in combat in the Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, War in Afghanistan, and War in Iraq. Combined.

It appears as if bookshelves should be higher up on my shopping list, doesn’t it?

(And when I am searching for a specific book, why is it always on the very bottom of one of the piles? That’s just cold-blooded, right?)

What are your thoughts on the democratic gubernatorial primary in New York between Andrew Cuomo and Zephyr Teachout?
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I haven’t been paying attention to the gubernatorial primary in New York. I know that Governor Cuomo has been facing some issues in New York and that many of the groups which traditionally endorse incumbent Democrats have backed off of Cuomo, but I also believe that he’s not at risk of losing the Democratic primary to Teachout. She might make a dent in his margin of victory, but he’s not going to lose.

These are the only books I received today — John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan (BOOK | KINDLE, available now from Harper) and Rebel Souls: Walt Whitman and America’s First Bohemians by Justin Martin (BOOK | KINDLE, available September 2nd from Da Capo Press) — but it’s all good because anything about JQA makes me happy, and Walt Whitman is Walt Whitman.

Both of these titles look like solid reads, so check them out!

Do you think/know if Marilyn Monroe and JFK really had an affair or if there's any solid evidence to suggest they did? It's impossible to research, since they're both so iconic and everyone has an opinion (and that's before you factor in the conspiracy theories). I always thought it was only "alleged", basically a lurid tabloid rumor.
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I think that JFK and Marilyn Monroe definitely slept together, but I don’t believe it was an extensive affair. From what I’ve read and from what I believe of JFK’s closest friends and aides, as well as historians and biographers, I think that they probably hooked up two or three times at most. But I definitely think they hooked up. Longtime Florida Senator George Smathers, who was a very close friend of JFK’s (and fellow womanizer), admitted as much.

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I'm halfway through a biography of William O. Douglas and I'm sure you already know this but evidently a common motto leading up to '48 was "to err is Truman" and I just had to share with someone and say that's the best thing I've ever read
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Yeah, since Truman is such a familiar and well-known President today, most people don’t realize that the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" newspaper headline wasn’t that big of a reach for the Chicago Tribune because pretty much everybody expected Harry Truman to get his ass kicked in the 1948 election. Truman was not a popular President while he was in office, and he only gained enough ground to win the ‘48 election because instead of running against Thomas Dewey, he ran against the “Do-Nothing Congress” that had opposed so much of his agenda.



Time Tested Books in Sacramento, CA

Embarrassing. I live in Sacramento and am not familiar with this store.

Another one of my favorite places in the world. Sacramento has some great bookstores. And sirsamurai, you should be embarrassed because they have a huge and quality section on Presidents…okay, that probably is more of my thing. Either way, we should hang out and go bookstore-hopping so the girls will all think that we are cool. That’s how it works, right? I promise not to point out that I am undefeated against you in my illustrious career as a professional wrestler.

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I Received the book The Invisible Bridge, the fall of Nixon and the rise of Reagan. I was wondering if you have read it or if it's in your not read yet pile?
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I have read Rick Perlstein’s The Invisible Bridge: The Fall of Nixon and the Rise of Reagan (BOOK | KINDLE) and it is a fantastic book — one of the best books of 2014, in my opinion.

I’ve really liked all three of Perlstein’s books so far. The previous two books, Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus (BOOK | KINDLE), and Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America (BOOK | KINDLE), were damn good reads and I think The Invisible Bridge is even better. Highly recommended.

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Is chaos a synonym for freedom?
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Hi! So I'm decorating my APUSH binder and I basically want it to look like a history nerds's heaven... Do you have anything I could print up and put on it?
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Is this your way of asking permission to use my photograph on your APUSH binder? Absolutely. Permission granted.

That’s probably not what you meant.

I’ll give you a few suggestions:

1. I have an original one of these "We Shall Overcome" buttons, and if you could find a nice-sized image of it, I think that would be badass.

2. It’s impossible to go wrong with this "LBJ for the USA" poster.

3. This Nixon photo:

4. And how about the awesome cover, designed by the lovely and talented and lovely Betsy Dye, for my book, Tributes and Trash Talk: What Our Presidents Said About Each Other (AMAZON KINDLE | BARNES & NOBLE NOOK), which is ranked higher than all but 781,562 other books in the Kindle Store!

Once you get your binder decorated share it with me on Tumblr (make sure to tag me so I see it) or via e-mail and I’ll send you a PDF copy of my book.

After four long years, I finally made my triumphant return to one of my favorite bookstores in the world — The Book Worm in Sacramento. FYI: this is basically what my personal library looks like (the history room at The Book Worm) except they have more bookshelves while I have more piles.