Dead Presidents

Historical facts, thoughts, ramblings and collections on the Presidency and about the Presidents of the United States.

By Anthony Bergen

4.4.8:  April 4, 1841
5.8.8:  The Blue Goose and Other Presidential Perks
5.29.8:  Uninvited Guests
9.21.8:  Pierce Bicentennial Essay
12.26.8:  Bad Days
2.12.9:  200
2.18.9:  Movie Review: “W.”
6.26.9:  Eisenhower Inducted Into the Golf Hall of Fame
7.28.9:  A Paralyzed Presidency, Part I
8.22.9:  “When Tears and Toils and Conflict Will Be Unknown”
12.4.9:  11.22.1963
1.14.10:  “The Light Has Gone Out of My Life”
1.14.10:  The Elegant Mr. Arthur
1.16.10:  Tecumseh’s Curse
1.27.10:  “What Have I Done?”
2.13.10:  201
3.5.10:  George Washington’s Photograph
3.11.10:  The Forgotten American President, Part I
3.13.10:  The Forgotten American President, Part II
4.14.10:  The Forgotten American President, Part III
4.21.10:  “How Can They Tell?”
5.30.10:  AND Magazine: Colors and Time - A Vivid American Memory
6.8.10:  Grover Cleveland’s Voice
6.12.10:  About Me
6.14.10:  “After the White House What Is There To Do But Drink?”
7.14.10:  AND Magazine: Gerald Ford cover story
8.9.10:  Presidential Legitimacy
8.12.10:  Synodus Horrenda
8.26.10:  Volcanoes
8.30.10:  The Feuding Presidents of Westmoreland County, Virginia
9.8.10:  Personal about Rich Cronin
9.11.10:  Terror In September Bookends the American Century
9.16.10:  Editorial about Jimmy Carter’s Comments on Ted Kennedy
9.22.10:  Road Trip
10.18.10:  LBJ: BAMF
10.19.10:  Exclusive Interview Announcement
11.5.10:  A Note About the Midterm Elections
11.6.10:  Ted Sorensen (1928-2010)
11.8.10:  More on Jefferson Davis
11.9.10:  The Intelligence of George W. Bush
11.10.10:  Jefferson
11.14.10:  Washington vs. Lincoln
11.17.10:  Presidential Heights
11.23.10:  Pierce and the Consequences of Ambition
11.24.10:  Favorite Presidential Quotes
11.27.10:  More on Habeas Corpus
12.3.10:  About The Author
12.9.10:  Obama, Congress and the Tax Deal
12.12.10:  The “Magic Bullet”
12.22.10:  In The Cabinet
12.29.10:  “The elect of an assassin…and not of the people”
1.3.11:  Presidents and Pro Wrestling
1.5.11:  “I feel like I no longer fit in with these times” (Calvin Coolidge)
1.22.11:  January 22, 1973: Triumph and Tragedy (Lyndon Johnson)
1.30.11:  Red Card (Personal)
2.4.11:  Woodrow Wilson’s Wives and the Freudian Typo
2.23.11: The Death of JQA 
3.2.11:  Camel Clutch
3.16.11: Presidential Priorities
3.18.11: Jefferson’s Raven
3.23.11: Presidential Rhyme
4.7.11:  Term Limits
4.12.11:  April 12, 1945
4.14.11:  The (Sacramento) Kings Are Dead. Long Live The Kings.
4.29.11:  Ranking The Presidents: Best Presidential Facial Hair
5.3.11:  On Celebrating Death
5.7.11:  Historically Accurate Transcription: The Situation Room
5.19.11:  “I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere” (George W. Bush)